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USA 7 Wonders III age card replacement program
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USA 7 Wonders III age card replacement program

We will send replacement packages directly to distributors and stores, so please ask your store for replacement. All stores who sell 7 Wonders will receive by request to their respective distributors the packages. We printed a number of replacements equal to the number of second edition boxes printed, to fulfill all requests by customers.

All packages will be shipped before the end of June and should be available to everybody before the middle of July or earlier. The package is a complete set of the 7 Wonders Age III cards and it is to replace the printing discoloration problem some players have noted on the following cards: Arsenal (3+ players), Arsenal (4+ players), Arsenal (7+ players), Circus (4+ players), Circus (5+ players), Circus (6+ players). Since it was very difficult (nearly impossible, in fact) for the printer to guarantee the problem could be solved by reprinting only the 6 cards printed, making available a complete deck will correct the coloration problem.

Again we are sorry for any inconvenience, the delay was to make sure everything is set and the replacements are fine and on time.