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Cash'n Guns
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Cash'n Guns

From : 10 and up years
Gametime : 30 minutes


Repos Production

• 6 foam guns;
• 6 set of 8 bullet cards;
• 1 Quick Reference card;
• 14 Wound tokens;
• 14 Shame markers;
• 40 bank notes;
• 6 Characters to be inserted in their base so that they can stand up;
• the game's rules;
• 10 Super Power cards;
• 3 Phone operator cards;
• 6 Secret roles cards;
• 1 double-sided Phone card with a Phone used side.

see opened box

When the guns come out, the bullets do all the talking.

A band of hardened criminals heads back to the warehouse to split the take - but everyone disagrees on just how to split the loot. Tempers flare and bullets fly as everyone fights for their piece of the pie. Draw your weapon or hit the floor, because only the gutsiest crooks are leaving here with the money! That is, unless they leave in a bag…

Ca$h'n Gun$ relives the best scenes from gangster movies and crime stories, where each player will use his foam gun to threaten the others and claim his share of the cash. Bluff your opponents into dropping their guns and taking cover, but remember that sometimes, it's better to exercise the better part of valor and live to fight another day! After all, you can't claim the money if you're dead.

Ca$h'n Gun$ is the wacky game of bluffing and gunplay for four to six players. With hilarious art, stacks of fake bank notes and life-size foam pistols, Ca$h'N Gun$ will have you waving guns and laughing hysterically as you make your play for your cut of the take.


MSRP: 49.99 USD