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Mundus Novus
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Mundus Novus

From : 14 years
Gametime : 60 minutes



The box contains a Master Trade Token; Doubloons: 90 Doubloons tokens, (30 of each 10, 5 and 1); 120 Resource cards: 16 cocoa, 16 corn, 16 tobacco, 12 coffee, 12 cotton, 12 sugarcane, 8 potato, 8 indigo, 8 vanilla, 12 Inca relics; 44 Development cards providing specific advantages; 6 Event tokens, 1 rule book

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The Art of Trading in the New World!

It is the sixteenth century. You are a powerful merchant in search of riches from the recently discovered New World (Mundus Novus). To transport gold and precious commodities (cocoa, corn, vanilla ...), you and your fellow conquistadores will charter fleets of caravels, seek the support of famous backers, build warehouses and buy goods. Expand your business empire and make a fortune!

Created by Bruno Cathala and Serge Laget, Mundus Novus offers an immersive voyage exploring tactics and trade at the dawn of a New America.


• An immersive, tactical game.
• Three ways to win.
• Endless replayability.

Mundus Novus Free extension Available Here

MSRP:  29.99 USD