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From : 8 years
Gametime : 20-45 minutes


Repos Production

4 Monsters to cause mayhem; 7 Buildings to destroy; 4 Trucks to hurl; 90 Meeples to devour, 2 small clips.

see opened box

In the game of Rampage players each control one of the four monsters and their objective is to cause the most damage to the city while eating the Meeple citizens.

Each turn consists of choosing two actions to complete. These actions include: Movement, Attack a Building, Hurl a truck, or Monster Breath. Eating Meeples does not take an action, however, players are limited each turn by the number of teeth their monster has remaining.

The game ends when the buildings are destroyed. Buildings, Meeples eaten, and the Other Monster’s Teeth are worth points. To be victorious, players will need to use a combination of dexterity, planning, and luck.

MSRP: $ 59.99 USD

The two small plastic clips included in the game are used to keep the board flush.